At Accel North America, we understand the livestock business and have leveraged the power of technology to maximize its potential. “BossaNova” tracks, monitors & analyses health of your livestock – in the farm and beyond!!

Built leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) technology; BossaNova is designed and developed by Accel North America and is powered by Murata.

Whether on a laptop, desktop or a mobile phone in the field, BossaNova helps farmers track and monitor their livestock – individually and as a herd. This enables them to detect and take action against potential spread of disease in their farm.


Leveraging the power of technology, these reusable ear tags are connected wirelessly by sensor gateways at specific designated locations and send motion and temperature data, captured by the tag.

This data is transferred to a base station and then through the internet, is pushed to a cloud server. The cloud server application then processes this data by means of a unique algorithm and creates dashboard views of various health parameters of the livestock such as – illness, in heat, lactation, etc…